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Chemistry has a rich tradition at UF with course offerings among the first in the history of the university. Notably, the first doctoral degree and the first external research grant on campus were both awarded in chemistry. Chemistry plays an integral role among the sciences, lying at the nexus of the physical, applied and life sciences. Although organized by the traditional areas of chemistry, our faculty are broadly engaged in extensive interdisciplinary and collaborative research programs related to the biological, materials, medicinal, and physical sciences as well as engineering and many other disciplines. Together, we target problems vital to next generation technologies and explore fundamental research at the molecular and atomic level.

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Research Faculty

Alexander Angerhofer

Professor, Associate Chair


Aaron Aponick

Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies


Rodney J. Bartlett

Graduate Research Professor


John A. Bowden

Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine and Joint Faculty, Chemistry


Clifford R. Bowers



Philip J. Brucat

Associate Professor


Rebecca A. Butcher

Associate Professor


Y. Charles Cao



George Christou

Drago and Distinguished Professor


Coray Colina



Matthew Eddy

Assistant Professor


Alexander J. Grenning

Assistant Professor


Zhongwu Guo

Scott Professor


Nicole A. Horenstein

Associate Professor


Valeria D. Kleiman

Associate Professor


Charles R. Martin

Crow and Distinguished Professor


Lisa McElwee-White

Crow Professor and Chair


David A. Micha

Emeritus Professor and Adjunct Professor


Stephen A. Miller

Associate Professor


Leslie J. Murray

Associate Professor


Nicolo Omenetto

Research Professor


Alberto Perez

Assistant Professor


Nicolas C. Polfer

Associate Professor


Boone M. Prentice

Assistant Professor


David E. Richardson

Professor & Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Jeffrey D. Rudolf

Assistant Professor


Daniel A. Savin

Associate Professor


Keith Searles

Assistant Professor


John F. Stanton

William R. Kenan Professor of Chemistry


Jon D. Stewart



Brent S. Sumerlin

George B. Butler Professor of Polymer Chemistry


Anna Brajter Toth

Associate Professor


Adam S. Veige



Kenneth B. Wagener

Director, CMSE


W. David Wei

Associate Professor


Chenjie Zeng

Assistant Professor






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