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Chemistry Advising is now being done remotely

We may not be on campus together, but we are still here for you!

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Please use the survey link above or consult the Frequent Advising Issues and Solutions section below before contacting our Chemistry advisors. If you are not able to solve your problem using those options, you may email using your email address, and include your UF ID along with a brief description of your issue or question.  You will receive an autoreply email that lets you know your message was received – please do not email again to ask for an update. We will do our best to reply to your message within two business days (48 hours) when possible, but may have longer response times during advance registration due to the large volume of messages received.

To view archived emails to our undergraduate Chemistry majors, please visit this link:

Frequent Advising Issues and Solutions

Q:  I am trying to register for a CHM course and I’m getting a prerequisite error.  What do I do? A:  Please refer to the Course Descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog (see to find all of our prerequisites.  If after consulting the course description, you feel that the error is incorrect, please email from your email and include your UF ID number, the course you are trying to add, and why you feel the error message is incorrect.

Q:  I am trying to register for BCH4024 and I’m having a problem.  What do I do?   A:  The BCH4024 course is not taught through the Chemistry Department.  It is offered through the College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  You will need to contact the course instructor of BCH4024 for assistance. 

Q:  I have a hold on my account.  Can you clear it? A:  No, we cannot clear holds of any kind.  If it is an academic hold, you will need to speak with a CLAS advisor.  You should visit and follow the directions for Current University of Florida Students.  If it is another kind of hold, you should contact the specific department listed in the description of the hold and ask for their assistance.

Q:  I have questions about pre-health requirements, gen eds, foreign language, excess hours, AP/IB credit, etc.  Where do I go? A:  These questions need to go through CLAS advising.  You should visit and follow the directions for Current University of Florida Students. 

Q:  I have a petition/change of major/study abroad/other form to be signed.  What do I do? A: Please send an email from your email to, and attach the completed form, personal statement and graduation plan (for a petition or major change), and describe any information important for us to know about the petition/form in your email.  Please remember to include your UF ID and phone number in case we need clarifications. We will sign electronically and return the form to you via email.

Q:  I don’t know what courses to take for an upcoming term.  Can you help me figure it out?  And while we’re at it, can we plan the next few semesters? A:  You can actually find out a lot on your own – here is how to start.  First, you will want to refer to your degree audit in ONE.UF to see which courses you have remaining for graduation.  You can use the Undergraduate Catalog to see a model semester plan: for standard track and for biochemistry. You can click on the hotlinks for any courses in that list to see descriptions and prerequisites. Then go to the online schedule of courses (see and start working out your schedule.  If you’ve checked all of these pages and still don’t know what to do, send us an email and we will try to help.