Welcome to General Chemistry. We want you to succeed. The first step to success is proper placement. Placement in to General Chemistry is described in detail on the ALEKS Math Placement Information page. If you have questions about placement, see your college advisor.

CHM1025, Introduction to Chemistry

If you are placed into CHM1025, we’re happy to have you. We have both a “live” (face-to-face) lecture course and an online version of CHM1025. Your college advisor will place you according to your background and your ALEKS Math score. In the fall semester, spots are limited in the face-to-face class due to space requirements. Students who take the online course tend to perform equally as well in CHM2045 as the students who take the “live” course. The online course has set due dates throughout the term but no set class meeting times, as it is entirely online. The ALEKS Chemistry homework system is used for CHM1025. ALEKS Prep is done separately – after completing CHM1025, you will need to complete the ALEKS Prep course for CHM2045/95.

CHM2045/CHM2095, General Chemistry I or Gen Chem I for Engineers

You will be placed into CHM2045/CHM2095 after taking the ALEKS Math placement test. See your college advisor if you have questions about placement. Beginning Summer C 2018, all students who place into and register for CHM2045/2095 will be required to complete ALEKS Prep. The University of Florida General Chemistry Prep is available for a few weeks prior to the start of summer, fall, and spring semesters, and continues a few weeks into each semester. The Prep is mandatory for all students who are placed into CHM2045 or CHM2095. The Department of Chemistry strongly recommends that students complete the Prep well in advance of arrival on campus. The Prep will walk students through the chemistry needed for success in CHM2045/CHM2095, and will assign students work to fill knowledge gaps. All students who achieve 100% on the Prep will earn 2% towards their CHM2045/CHM2095 course grade. The Prep has a fee associated with it. The ISBN for the 12-week ALEKS Prep course is 9781259207921. The Prep is performed using ALEKS Chemistry. You have all been successful on the ALEKS Math Placement Test. ALEKS Chemistry is similar, but is for Chemistry. Your login information for ALEKS Chemistry is not the same as for ALEKS Math Placement – if you haven’t used ALEKS Chemistry before, you will need to set up a new account. If you used ALEKS Chemistry in CHM1025, you can use the same login information. Note: this is not your gatorlink login, this is your ALEKS Chemistry login information. When you first joined ALEKS for CHM1025 you will have received an email from ALEKS with your login credentials. You still need to complete ALEKS Prep even if you’ve completed CHM1025 using ALEKS.

How to register for the Prep:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Sign up Now” (upper left, in yellow)
  • Provide the Prep course code.  For Fall 2021, the code is: T6DUW-QKUUR
  • Follow the steps to purchase access and create your account. You will be prompted to enter your 8-digit UFID and your email address
  • You must take the Prep specifically set up for a given semester – take Fall 2021 Prep if you’re enrolled in CHM2045/95 for Fall 2021. If you’re unsuccessful in
    CHM2045, you will need to repeat the Prep for the semester you intend to repeat CHM2045.
  • The course instructor in ALEKS is Mrs. Veige for everyone, no matter who you have as a CHM2045/2095 instructor.
  • Enrolled in CHM1025 during Summer 2021? Your instructor will provide ALEKS Prep information to you through Canvas before the end of term.

Tips for completing the Prep:

  • When you first start the Prep you will face an Initial Assessment. The initial assessment is not for credit itself. The initial assessment is not the Prep. The initial assessment will take 60-90 minutes. Take your time to work through the initial assessment honestly – don’t search for answers online or have a friend help you. Better prepared students may spend longer on the initial assessment, but can expect to spend less time working on filling in knowledge gaps.
  • After the initial assessment, ALEKS will have you work through assigned material to address knowledge gaps. How long will this take? It depends on how many knowledge gaps you have. We estimate students will spend an average of 15-20 h to complete the Prep. Some students will spend significantly less time; some will need to spend more.
  • Textbook? ALEKS has an ALEKSPedia that describes the course material for the Prep. You are welcome to consult any general chemistry textbook if needed. The Prep material touches on topics from  Ch. 1-4 of our current General Chemistry textbook, Silberberg 8th (with Advanced Topics).
  • Don’t click the “I don’t know” button unless you genuinely have no idea how to approach the problem. Otherwise, ALEKS may have you review material you don’t need to review.
  • ALEKS will tell you what you need to learn, and will track your progress in a pie chart. Worry only about your own pie, not your classmates’ pies. Everyone has a different learning path.
  • Completing any part of the Prep with outside assistance or for someone else is a violation of the Honor Code.

Why do I have to complete the Prep?

We want you to be successful in General Chemistry at UF. CHM2045/2095 are taught at a fast pace and at a high level. Instructors assume students have the math prerequisite for CHM2045 and have a good background in some of the chemistry fundamentals. The instructors will proceed quickly through material covered in the Prep module and quickly move on to new material. We believe so strongly in preparing you for success that completion of the Prep module with mastery of 100% of the topics is worth 2% of your course grade in CHM2045/2095.

What does the Prep cover?

  • Math and Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Matter
  • Atoms, Ions, and Molecules
  • Stoichiometry
  • Simple Reactions

What does my score need to be?

To earn the full 2% of your final course grade, you will need to earn a score of 100% in the Prep. After you finish the initial assessment in ALEKS you will see a pie chart and a % mastery value. If the value is less than 100%, you will be prompted through the topics you need to review to earn 100% mastery on all topics. Along the way you may encounter additional “knowledge checks” and eventually a Class Completion Knowledge Check. When finished, you will see that you’ve completed 100% of the pie, and you’ll be prompted to complete a review. You need to complete a minimum % of the ALEKS in order to earn any credit towards your grade. Details will be in your course syllabus.

What happens if I don’t take the Prep?

Your maximum course grade will be 98.0%. The 2% deficit could easily result in the difference of a letter grade in the course.

Where do I go to take the Prep?

The Prep is available online at

When should I take the Prep?

Prep for Fall 2021 will be available June 18, 2021 and is due Sept. 10, 2021. You must take the Prep that corresponds to the semester you are enrolled in CHM2045/2095 to receive credit for completing the Prep. There are no extensions to ALEKS Prep for any reason – start it as early as you can. There is sufficient time during the semester for you to complete the ALEKS. This policy is firm.

How much does the Prep cost?

Cost depends on the subscription length purchased. You can contact ALEKS for details.


For technical support, contact ALEKS support. ALEKS system requirements can be found here. You can check your system for ALEKS compatibility. For administrative questions, contact Mrs. Veige, Director of General Chemistry, at For help completing topics in ALEKS, you can visit the Chemistry Learning Center in CCB 105 for assistance from any TA holding office hours, or see the tutors at Broward Teaching Center.