Safety News & Announcements

4/2/12 – “Mind Games: Sometimes a White Coat Isn’t Just a White Coat” NY Times Article

1/11/12 – “Environmental Health and Safety produced a lab safety training video, The Incident, in conjunction with ASU Student Media to supplement the ASU lab safety course”

1/5/12 – UCLA Faces Criminal Charges in Lab Accident (Article 1, 2, 3)

11/23/11 – “Texas Tech University Investigation Details (VIDEO)” – Hazards associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institution”

9/14/11 – “Hazardous Waste Training Information: click here.”

7/1/11 – “Recently, it came to our attention that there was confusion about the appropriate procedures to follow in case of encountering facility issues, particularly when the issues arise after normal working hours. Therefore, we have developed the attached Chemistry Facility Issues Procedure. Please make sure this procedure is posted in your lab and desk areas so there is no confusion over the correct procedure to follow when you need help concerning a problem within our facilities.”

5/20/11 – “At approximately 11 a.m. Thursday, the University of Florida Police Department and Gainesville Fire Rescue responded to a report of an injured person and a beaker explosion that occurred at the Materials Engineering Building…” <>

4/21/11 – The New UF Chemistry Safety website has been launched! Feel free to browse around to check out the compilation of Chemistry Safety material.

4/18/11 – “A death in the lab” – Fatality adds further momentum to calls for a shake-up in academic safety culture.

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