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Research Faculty

352-392-0541 352-392-9489 CLB 318A

Aaron Aponick

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Photo of Aaron Aponick
352-392-3484 CCB 403, FLI 264
352-392-6974 NPB 2338 and LEI 240H

John A. Bowden

Assistant Professor, Joint Faculty, Chemistry
Photo of John A. Bowden
352-294-4063 352-294-4064
352-846-0839 NPB 2360

Philip J. Brucat

Associate Professor
Photo of Philip J. Brucat
352-392-2006 CLB 311E
352 392 0525 CCB 302E

Rebecca A. Butcher

Associate Professor
Photo of Rebecca A. Butcher
352-846-3392 CCB 302B

Y. Charles Cao

Photo of Y. Charles Cao
352-392-9839 LEI 226
352-392-2752 SIS 201

George Christou

Drago and Distinguished Professor
Photo of George Christou
352-392-6737 CLB 408A

Coray Colina

Photo of Coray Colina
352-294-3488 354 LEI

Matthew Eddy

Assistant Professor
Photo of Matthew Eddy
352 294 1048 CCB 302C

Austin M. Evans

Assistant Professor
Photo of Austin M. Evans

Gail E. Fanucci

Photo of Gail E. Fanucci
352-392-2345 CLB 311F

Alexander J. Grenning

Associate Professor
Photo of Alexander J. Grenning
352-392-9131 CCB 402

Zhongwu Guo

Professor and Scott Chair
Photo of Zhongwu Guo
352-392-9133 CCB 302D
352-392-9865 CCB 302F
352-392-4656 CLB 311B

Mingjie Liu

Assistant Professor
Photo of Mingjie Liu
352 294 7548 Leigh Hall 240C

Charles R. Martin

Crow and Distinguished Professor
Photo of Charles R. Martin
352-392-8205 CLB 218

Lisa McElwee-White

Crow Professor and Chair
Photo of Lisa McElwee-White
352-392-5266 SIS 429A

Stephen A. Miller

Professor, Associate Chair
Photo of Stephen A. Miller
352-392-7773 LEI 318A

Ramon A Miranda Quintana

Assistant Professor
Photo of Ramon A Miranda Quintana
352-392-3489 Leigh Hall 240H
352-392-0564 CLB 410B

Nicolo Omenetto

Research Professor
Photo of Nicolo Omenetto
352 392 9853 CLB 201A

Alberto Perez

Assistant Professor
Photo of Alberto Perez
352 392 7009 Leigh Hall 240F

Boone M. Prentice

Assistant Professor
Photo of Boone M. Prentice
352 392 0556 CLB 210C

David E. Richardson

Professor & Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Photo of David E. Richardson
352-392-6736 CLB 410A
352-392-6972 LEI 440

Jeffrey D. Rudolf

Assistant Professor
Photo of Jeffrey D. Rudolf
352 294 7221 CCB 302G

Daniel A. Savin

Associate Professor
Photo of Daniel A. Savin
352-392-9150 LEI 318

Keith Searles

Assistant Professor
Photo of Keith Searles
352 392 0326 Sisler 428A

Daniel Seidel

Photo of Daniel Seidel
352 294 7991 Department of ChemistryCCB 406G

John F. Stanton

William R. Kenan Professor
Photo of John F. Stanton
512 293 9622 NPB 2336 and LEI 240I

Jon D. Stewart

Photo of Jon D. Stewart
352 846 0743 LEI 102

Brent S. Sumerlin

George B. Butler Professor
Photo of Brent S. Sumerlin
352-392-0563 SIS 301A
352-392-9016 CLB 412A

Anna Brajter Toth

Associate Professor
Photo of Anna Brajter Toth
352-392-7972 Sisler 228A

Adam S. Veige

Photo of Adam S. Veige
352-392-9844 CLB 412B

W. David Wei

Photo of W. David Wei
352-392-2050 CLB 311D

Richard A. Yost

Photo of Richard A. Yost
352-392-0557 CLB 210A

Chenjie Zeng

Assistant Professor
Photo of Chenjie Zeng
352 294 3447 Sisler Hall 329

Yong Zeng

Associate Professor
Photo of Yong Zeng
352-392-0492 CLB 311C

Instructional Faculty [Top]

Stacy-Ann Benjamin

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Stacy-Ann Benjamin
352 294 3435

Tammy A. Davidson

Instructional Professor
Photo of Tammy A. Davidson

Stefanie Habenicht

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Stefanie Habenicht
352-273-0550 SIS 329A

Steven Harris

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Steven Harris
352 273 3717 CCB 302A

Alexander David Jacobs

Senior Lecturer/Associate Instructional Professor
Photo of Alexander David Jacobs
352-392-0528 LEI 202

Maria V. Korolev

Associate Instructional Professor
Photo of Maria V. Korolev
352-392-1087 FLI 251

Simon Enrique Lopez D’Sola

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Simon Enrique Lopez D’Sola
352-392-9700 Leigh Hall 312

Adam Christopher Mansell

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Adam Christopher Mansell
352-294-0453 LEI 232

Jason Portmess

Associate Instructional Professor
Photo of Jason Portmess

Alix Rexford

Assistant Instructional Professor
Photo of Alix Rexford
352-297-6851 LEI 302

Martina Sumner

Associate Instructional Professor
Photo of Martina Sumner
352-392-0517 Keene Flint 250

Melanie K. Veige

Instructional Professor, Director of General Chemistry, Director of the General Chemistry Laboratories
Photo of Melanie K. Veige
352-392-0518 CCB 103

Joint Faculty [Top]

John A. Bowden

Assistant Professor, Joint Faculty, Chemistry
Photo of John A. Bowden
352-294-4063 352-294-4064

Scientists [Top]

Khalil A. Abboud

Scientist; Director, Center for X-ray Crystallography
Photo of Khalil A. Abboud
352-392-9151 CLB 111

Kari B. Basso

Photo of Kari B. Basso
352-392-8782 CLB 101A

Erik Deumens

Photo of Erik Deumens
352 392 6980 NPB 2334

Ion Ghiviriga

Photo of Ion Ghiviriga
352-846-3001 CLB 108A

Manasi Kamat

Chemist III
352-392-0566 101 CLB

Ajith Perera

Scientist, Quantum Theory Project
Photo of Ajith Perera

Staff [Top]

Kiersten Allison

Administrative Support II
Photo of Kiersten Allison
352-392-0552 SIS 429

Brady Anderson

Administrative Support II

Wendy Anderson

HR/Payroll Manager
352-294-3475 LEI 214C

Dwight Bailey

IT Manager
352-392-7885 LEI 116D

Candace Biggerstaff

Teaching Lab Specialist II
352-294-1307 CCB111

Shaneh Brown

Research Admin I
352-294-3476 Lei 218

Frederick Cartwright

Teaching Lab Specialist
352-392-6238 LEI 238

Joseph Carusone

Systems Programer
352-392-7885 LEI 116D

Lori Clark

Academic Assistant II
352-392-0708 K-F 264

Jane Dare

Admin Support AST II
352 392 4303

Joe Donnelly

Engineering Tech II
352-392-0565 CLB 113

Tiffany Edenfield

Assistant Stockroom Manager
352 392 0534

John Flowers

Director of Operations
352-392-0541 LEI 214B
352-392-4650 CLB 106

Vera “Diane” Harris

Grants Assistant
352-294-3480 LEI 218

Christine “Chrissy” Howard

Admin Support Ast I

Angela Hyatt

352-846-3141 LEI 218

Alice Jempson

Admin Support Ast III
352-392-8314 CLB 408

Robert “Bob” Johnson

Stores/Rcv Manager
352-392-0534 SIS 126

Antoinette Knight

Admin Support AST II
352-392-1369 CLB 210

Kathy Markham

End User Specialist II
352 392 7885

Laura Myers

Admin Support AST II
352 392 4654

Heather Nichols

Accounting Manager
352-294-3477 LEI 218D

Woody Noel

Academic Assistant
352-392-0558 CCB 102

Todd Prox

352-392-0565 CLB 117

Stanley Pych

Engineer III
352-392-0576 LEI 116

Lisa Reed

Senior Grants Specialist
352-392-0538 LEI 218

Kerstin Roberts

Administrative Support Assistant, III
352-392-5266 LEI 212

Jessica Thompson

Admin Support AST II
352-392-0545 CLB 412

Galyna Vakulenko

Administrative Support Ast I
352-392-0549 LEI 218

Jessica Webb

Teaching Lab Specialist I
352 392 3694 CCB 111A

Stephanie West

Fiscal Assistant II

Larry Westra

Building Projects Specialist
352-392-6455 SIS 127

Xueying Zhao

Teaching Lab Specialist II
352-846-0840 LEI 200B

Courtesy Faculty [Top]

Radi Awartani, Ph.D

Courtesy Professor

Jan Linderberg

Courtesy Professor

John R. Sabin

Courtesy Professor
352-392-1597 NPB 2316

David N. Silverman

Courtesy Professor
352-392-3556 JHMHC J267

Samuel Trickey

Courtesy Professor
352-392-1597 NPB 2324

Emeritus Faculty [Top]

Wallace S. Brey

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Wallace S. Brey
352-392-0520 CLB 112

Samuel O. Colgate

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Samuel O. Colgate
352 392 5876 CLB 311D

James A. Deyrup

Professor Emeritus
Photo of James A. Deyrup

William R. Dolbier

Professor Emeritus
Photo of William R. Dolbier
352-392-0591 SIS 428

J. Eric Enholm

Professor Emeritus
Photo of J. Eric Enholm
352-392-0552 LEI 214

John R. Eyler

Professor Emeritus
Photo of John R. Eyler
352-392-0532 CLB 311C

Willard W. Harrison

Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
Photo of Willard W. Harrison
352-392-7009 LEI 354

John F. Helling

Professor Emeritus
Photo of John F. Helling
352-392-9132 FLI 256

Nicole A. Horenstein

Associate Professor
Photo of Nicole A. Horenstein
352-392-9859 LEI 402

William M. Jones

Professor Emeritus
Photo of William M. Jones

David A. Micha

Emeritus Professor and Adjunct Professor
Photo of David A. Micha
352-392-6977 NPB 2318

Marvin L. Muga

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Marvin L. Muga
352-392-1441 NSC 406

Gardiner H. Myers

Associate Professor Emeritus
Photo of Gardiner H. Myers
352-392-0558 CLB 220

N. Yngve Ohrn

Professor Emeritus
Photo of N. Yngve Ohrn
352-392-6979 NPB 2312

Gus Palenik

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Gus Palenik
352-392-6734 CLB 412D

Willis B. Person

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Willis B. Person
352-392-0528 CLB 312

Kirk S. Schanze

Prominski & Distinguished Professor
Photo of Kirk S. Schanze

Benjamin W. Smith

Scientist Emeritus
Photo of Benjamin W. Smith
352-392-7016 CLB 207

Martin T. Vala

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Martin T. Vala
352-392-0529 CLB 318

Kenneth B. Wagener

Professor and Director CMSE
Photo of Kenneth B. Wagener
352-392-2012 LEI 318

William Weltner, Jr.

Professor Emeritus
Photo of William Weltner Jr.
352-392-2155 CLB 311F

Kathryn R. Williams

Scholar Emerita
Photo of Kathryn R. Williams
352-392-7369 CLB 220

James D. Winefordner

Professor Emeritus
Photo of James D. Winefordner
352-392-0556 CLB 210

Vaneica Y. Young

Associate Professor Emeritus
Photo of Vaneica Y. Young
352-392-4651 CLB 116