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Jon D. Stewart

Professor University of FloridaChemistry – Chemical Biology Division
Work Phone: 352 846 0743 Work Fax: 352 846 2095 Website:
University of Florida Department of Chemistry PO Box 117200 Gainesville FL 32611 LEI 102
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We develop new methods for asymmetric organic synthesis based on enzymes. These efforts include the discovery of novel enzymes by computational and experimental approaches, the development of strategies to rapidly assess their catalytic properties, their applications to organic synthesis and solving problems associated with reaction scale-up.

A second part of our research focuses on developing “smart” nanostructures that assemble and disassemble in response to environmental cues. This project is a collaboration with groups in the Department of Chemistry (Martin) and the Department of Anesthesiology (Dennis and Rogers). We combine our expertise in synthesis and biochemistry with our collaborators’ strengths in nanotechnology and medicine.

Categories: all faculty, chemical biology, Chemical Biology Division, organic, research faculty, synthesis

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