Travel Arrangements

See the driving directions to the Chemistry Department. We have arranged for your airline ticket to be direct billed to the University of Florida by contacting Beth DeMarco at Continental Capers Travel Agency, (352) 240-1008, or by e-mail. The travel agency will forward a copy of your itinerary to us when your travel has been booked. You should arrange with our travel agent to be in Gainesville by 12:00 p.m. on Friday in order to attend orientation later in the afternoon. Our office will do direct billing only through this travel agency. If your ticket is booked through another agency or with the airline directly, we will reimburse the cost of the ticket using the same guidelines. If you choose not to use Continental Capers as your travel agent, you will need to charge your fare to your credit card. We will attempt to reimburse you as rapidly as possible. If you are having trouble with arrangements, please call 352-392-0708 or e-mail for assistance. Many students from the southeast choose to drive (usually via I-75 or I-95). We can reimburse auto travel at $0.44 per mile up to 750 miles (round trip). From I-95, see the Jacksonville map. From I-75, see the Gainesville map. We make all hotel arrangements for you (Holiday Inn, or the on-campus Reitz Union, unless otherwise stated), but will need estimated times of arrival/departure.


We will make hotel reservations for you at the Holiday Inn (1250 W. University Avenue) or the on-campus Reitz Union. Please DO NOT make your own reservations. The cost of the lodging will be billed directly to the department.


Questions? Please call 352-392-0708 (collect) or email Dr. Aponick at