Dr. Ronald K. Castellano Selected 2023-2024 FDMA Recipient

Dr. Castellano (second from left) pictured with his research group.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Ron Castellano has been presented the prestigious Faculty Doctoral Mentoring Award (FDMA). The FDMA is presented annually by the University of Florida’s Graduate School to acknowledge and celebrate faculty members who consistently demonstrate exceptional mentorship qualities.

The FDMA specifically highlights faculty who provide outstanding, innovative, and impactful mentoring to doctoral and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) students. The nomination process for the FDMA has a diverse range of nominators, allowing current UF graduate students, faculty members, administrators, and even alumni to nominate deserving faculty members who have demonstrably impacted students across various academic disciplines and stages of their graduate careers.

Dr. Castellano’s philosophy, that not only deems him meritorious of this award, but shows his true character is “human aspects and lab culture first and science and “products” next.” As an advisor and mentor, Dr. Castellano goes beyond simply guiding students through their research or thesis but also offers individualized guidance and support tailored to each student’s needs and goals while challenging and inspiring students to think critically and creatively.

Link to article detailing the award http://• grad.ufl.edu/articles/2024/news-202403/04-02.html and Professor Castellano’s Personal Statement detailing his mentoring experience and philosophy https://graduateschool.ufl.edu/media/gradufledu/pdf/fdma-2023-2024-castellano.pdf

Additional links to the Faculty Doctoral Mentoring Award Webpages: http://The Faculty Doctoral Mentoring Award webpages & http://• grad.ufl.edu/work/awards/fdma/fdma-winners