Dr. Ramon A Miranda Quintana ACS COMP Division Award Winner Spring 2024

The American Chemical Society Computers in Chemistry (COMP) Division has announced its 2024 award recipients. Assistant Professor Ramon A. Miranda Quintana was selected by a panel of distinguished reviewers as one of four winners of the highly competitive ACS OpenEye/Cadence Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for Spring 2024.

COMP’s mission is to empower “a diverse community to develop and promote the innovative and interdisciplinary use of computers in chemical research and education to benefit society.

Dr. Miranda Quintana was considered because of the NIGMS R35 MIRA award R35GM150620.

An NIGMS MIRA grant fuels an investigator’s entire research lab, freeing them to delve deep into unexpected discoveries on the path to understanding life itself, from molecules to populations.

A list of all the 2024 award recipients can be found here: https://cen.acs.org/acs-news/ACS-COMP-Division-announces-2024/101/i41