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Our group is currently divided between three different materials chemistry and biomaterials chemistry projects. The theme that unites them is an understanding of the importance of surfaces and interfaces.

Magnetic nanostructures and thin films. The first series of projects centers on magnetism and related properties in nanostructures and thin films of synthetic inorganic networks. This class of materials differs from traditional magnets in that synthetic chemistry can be used to prepare systems that combine properties, such as photomagnetism.

Biomolecules at inorganic interfaces. This series of projects probes the binding of biomolecules to synthetic inorganic surfaces. Biomolecule adsorption at surfaces is important for many applications, including sensing and biochip technologies. We develop inorganic surface chemistry aimed a introducing specific ligand/metal interactions that can be used to bind and orient biomolecules at surfaces.

Biomineralization. Our understanding of organic/inorganic interfaces is used to explore important biomineralization processes. Biological inorganic solids generally grow with the help of a biomolecule interface. We are exploring the details of these processes in both purposeful biominerals, such as in shells and bones, and pathological biominerals, such as kidney stones.

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