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Department of Chemistry

University of Florida
PO Box 117200
Gainesville, FL 32611-7200

Office of the Department Chair

Chair Lisa McElwee-White SIS 429A 352-392-5266
Associate Chair Alex Angerhofer LEI 214A 352-392-0541

Division Offices

Analytical Division Head Richard A. Yost 352-392-0556
Support Staff Antoinette Knight 352-392-1369
Chemical Biology Division Head Steven Bruner 352-392-0525
Support Staff Cassandra Watkins 352-392-1369
Inorganic Division Head Adam Veige 352-392-9844
Support Staff Rutecleia Zarin 352-392-0545
Organic Division Head Ron Castellano 352-392-2752
Support Staff Gwen McCann 352-392-0552
Physical Division Head Gail Fanucci 352-392-2345
Support Staff Vivian Thompson 352-392-4654


General Chemistry Director Melanie Veige 352-392-0518
Support Staff Julia Zavala 352-392-0558
Polymer Director Kenneth Wagener 352-392-4666
Support Staff Megan Baucom 352-392-8544
Quantum Theory Director Dr. Rodney J. Bartlett 352-392-6980
Support Staff
Graduate Affairs Director of Graduate Studies Aaron Aponick 352-392-0256
Support Staff Lori Clark 352-392-0708

Department Offices

Administrative Services LEI 214B John Flowers 352-392-0541
Main Office LEI 214 Karen Griffin 352-392-0541
Business Office LEI 218 Heather Nichols 352-294-3477
Stockroom/Receiving SIS 126 Bob Johnson 352-392-0534
Facilities SIS 127 Joey Lott 352-392-8161
IT Shop LEI 116D Dwight Bailey 352-392-7885
Electronics Shop LEI 116 Joaquin Casanova 352-392-0576
Machine Shop CLB 113 Todd Prox 352-392-0565
Lecture Demonstration CLB 130B Melanie Veige 352-392-0518

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Coordinator Tammy Davidson 352-392-9134
Advisor Maria Korolev 352-392-1087
Advisor Jason Portmess 352-846-1505
Advisor Melanie Veige 352-392-0518
Independent Study/Thesis Alexander Angerhofer 352-392-9489
Graduate Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies Aaron Aponick 352-392-0256

Teaching Labs

General Chemistry Lab LEI 136 Donna Turner 352-392-3694
Organic Chemistry Lab JHH 210 Joshua Bush 352-392-3699
Analytical/Physical Lab LEI 202A Kathryn Williams 352-392-0528
Chemistry Learning Center: General Chemistry JHH 103
Chemistry Learning Center: Organic Chemistry JHH 203 and 205
Mass Spectrometry Research & Education Center CLB 101A Dr. Kari B. Basso 352-392-8782
X-ray Crystallography CLB 111 Khalil Abboud 352-392-5948
NMR CLB 105 Ion Ghiviriga 352-846-3001




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