Division Head:

Adam S. Veige

Photo of Adam S. Veige
352-392-9844 CLB 412B

Contact Information:

Chemistry Laboratory Building Room 412
PO Box 117200
Gainesville , Florida 32611-7200
Phone: (352) 392-0545
Fax: (352) 392-3255

About the Division:

Recipients of graduate degrees in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Florida receive extensive training in the synthetic, theoretical and physical aspects of the field that are applied regularly by inorganic chemists in academic, industrial and government research laboratories. The inorganic faculty pursues a range of research interests that encompasses almost every area of modern inorganic and organometallic chemistry including transition metal, main group, physical-inorganic, structural, inorganic-analytical, bioinorganic, organometallic, catalysis, solid state and materials chemistry.

The Inorganic Division is housed in the Chemistry Laboratory Building (CLB) which is located directly next door to the other major chemistry buildings. The Inorganic Division attracts graduate students from all over the country; thus, the graduate student group is an unusually fine resource for enhancing the breadth of one’s professional as well as social outlook and experience.

The Division hosts a number of events that provide the graduate student with exposure to varied areas of research in other universities and industries. The Department Colloquium Series features noted inorganic chemists, as well as leading speakers from other branches of chemistry. The divisional seminars include talks by additional outside speakers as well as faculty and student.

Faculty & Staff

George Christou

Drago and Distinguished Professor
Photo of George Christou
352-392-6737 CLB 408A
352-392-0564 CLB 410B

David E. Richardson

Professor & Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Photo of David E. Richardson
352-392-6736 CLB 410A

Keith Searles

Assistant Professor
Photo of Keith Searles
352 392 0326 Sisler 428A
352-392-9016 CLB 412A

Adam S. Veige

Photo of Adam S. Veige
352-392-9844 CLB 412B

Chenjie Zeng

Assistant Professor
Photo of Chenjie Zeng
352 294 3447 Sisler Hall 329