2023-2024 College Faculty Advising/Mentor Award Winner Dr. Boone Prentice

We are pleased to announce the college’s Teaching/Advising Awards Committee has selected Dr. Boone Prentice for the 2023-2024 College Faculty Advising/Mentor Award. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) started this program to acknowledge and reward outstanding teaching and advising by faculty members which aims to motivate and celebrate exceptional efforts in both teaching and advising by professors. … Read more

2023 Keaffaber Scholar Award Winner Yu Tin Lin

Yu Tin Lin is pursuing a triple major in Chemistry, Statistics, and Biology. He joined thelab of Professor Boone M. Prentice as an undergraduate researcher the spring of hisfreshman year, where his research focuses on developing experimental andcomputational imaging mass spectrometry methods. His experimental researchleverages spatial metabolomics and lipidomics to study sepsis and mitochondrial diseases. … Read more

A New Experiment

After months of uncertainty, chemistry labs are adapting to new measures that allow in-person learning. Click here for the full story: https://news.clas.ufl.edu/a-new-experiment/

Wei group published in Energy & Environmental Science

A research paper from the Wei group has been published in Energy & Environmental Science–the top leading journal in the energy field with a 2018 impact factor of 33.250 and five-year impact factor of 32.826. The article titled “Modulating Multi-Hole Reaction Pathways for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation on Gold Nanocatalysts” reports a discovery that catechol molecules … Read more

Wei group published in JACS

A research paper from the Wei group has been published in JACS. The article titled “Cooperation of Hot Holes and Surface Adsorbates in Plasmon-Driven Anisotropic Growth of Gold Nanostars” reports a discovery that plasmon-generated hot holes work with surface adsorbates collectively to control the anisotropic growth of gold (Au) nanostructures. Specifically, it is found that … Read more

The collaboration of Wei group and Angerhofer group published in JACS

A collaboration paper from the Wei group and Angerhofer group has been published in JACS. The article titled “Manipulating Atomic Structures at the Au/TiO2 Interface for O2 Activation” reports a discovery of new science in an old catalytic system (Au/TiO2)   by demonstrating how the manipulation of atomic structures at the Au/TiO2 interface significantly altered the … Read more