J-1 Intern Visitor Application

Step One: Staff Instructions.

  • Faculty supervisor fills out Supervisor Invitation Form and forwards to their Staff member for processing.
  • Staff member generates the Student Intern Invitation Letter for J program (use this funding letter template if the student intern is being paid by UF; if there are multiple funding sources but one is UF funding, please use this letter and alter the text accordingly)
  • Staff member assigns the student intern a UFID number.
  • Staff member emails prospective student intern the Intern’s Invitation Letter and link to the Chemistry website with instructions to complete and also notifies prospective visitor of the requirement to pay the $100 processing fee for the student intern and all dependents (spouse and/or children under age 21 only) who will be coming to the US on J-2 visas, provides the link for payment, and requests the required information and documentation, including the receipt for payment of the applicable processing fee.
    Please use email template.
  • Staff member receives the electronic version of the Student Intern form, DS7002 (typed), Acknowledgment of Participation and Verification of Skills and Insurance Verification, along with all required supporting documents from the prospective student intern via email and should review for correctness BEFORE submitting to evp@chem.ufl.edu.
  • Staff member electronically submits completed Student Intern form and the Supervisor Invitation Form to EVS (evp@chem.ufl.edu) with supporting documents as attachments, no later than 65 days before the start date of the J program. Complete packets submitted less than 65 days prior to the start of the program will be subject to change of the program start date.
    The request packet must include:


    1. Verification of funding (in English with amounts posted in US dollars)
    2. Curriculum vitae or resume (In English)
    3. Copy of J-1 Student Intern Invitation letter (signed by student intern)
    4. DS-7002 – Placement Plan
    5. Acknowledgement of Participation and Verification of English Skills
    6. Insurance Verification
    7. Student Intern Form
    8. Supervisor Invitation Form
      • Federal Express or DHL way bill (completed) if Department requests EVS to send the DS-2019 directly to the Exchange Visitor.
      • If an intern plans to be registered for classes at UF, the UF Non-Degree form must be completed and submitted to EVS.
  • Staff member sends student intern the DS-2019 pre-arrival packet (Unless EVS has received a prepaid waybill to send packet directly to exchange visitor.)

Step Two: Faculty Invitation

Step Three: Exchange Intern Visitor

This is a separate page dedicated to the exchange intern visitor, which provides more detailed instructions and links to the appropriate forms. Please direct J-1 intern applicants to the “J-1 Exchange Intern Visitor Page” and not this page.

Step Four: For Chemistry Department Staff Only