• Review Faculty Sponsorship Request Form

    Clarify with the sponsoring faculy member any details that are unclear or incomplete.
  • Letter of Invitation

    Select the appropriate letter; complete using the information provided by the sponsoring faculty member in the “Faculty Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Request Form.” Instructions for completing the Letter of Invitation are located HERE.
  • UFID Request Form

    Must be completed in full and submitted as soon as possible or with the DS-2019.
  • DS-2019 Form

    1. Review pages 1-4 that were completed by the J-1 Visitor and work with the visitor on any needed corrections.
    2. While in the same form that the visitor submitted to you, complete pages 5-7.
    3. On page 7:
      1. “Subject Field Code” will be completed by the Chemistry Main Office.
      2. The “Name of Department Contact” should be listed as:
        Wendy Anderson, evp@chem.ufl.edu, 392-0541, 392-8757
    4. Submit completed form to evp@chem.ufl.edu.
    5. Print page 7, have the faculty sponsor sign and submit original signed page to Chemistry Main Office.
  • You must provide the following supporting documents in English, as a scanned attachment.
    Amounts must be in US dollars.

    1. Academic background, *requires at minimum a bachelor’s degree or four years equivalent:
      Copy of the diploma or,
      1. Letter of completion from institution stating receipt of bachelor’s degree or
      2. Transcript stating receipt of specific degree or showing four years of course work completed.
    2. Financial Support document containing the visitors name, US dollars and dates:
      1. Chemistry Letter of Invitation,
      2. Letter of support from the organization/government/agency/school, or
      3. If self funded the complete form, Certificate of Financial Responsibility & bank statement
    3. Curriculum vitae or resume
    4. Signed Letter of Invitation if not provided as financial support backup as listed above.
    5. Copy of their passport with current expiration date


If the individual does not have a baccalaureate degree or higher, or equivalent education, if the individual is currently a student at another institution, and if the individual will receive credit towards their degree at their institution then they will come through the J-1 Student Intern Program.

You can find additional information regarding this process on the UF International web site.