University of Florida researchers have identified addictive nut’s derivatives that could help smokers break their nicotine addictions

“Worldwide, over 1 billion people smoke cigarette and 600 million chew betel quid, an addicting mix of areca palm nut that can include tobacco. University of Florida researchers have identified at least one compound derived from the areca nut that targets the nicotinic receptor subtypes involved in nicotine addiction. In a collaboration between Roger L. Papke, Ph.D. (UF Pharmacology and Therapeutics) and Nicole A Horenstein, Ph.D. (UF Chemistry), they reported data last year on the nut’s active ingredient, arecoline. Horenstein and coworkers are synthesizing promising new arecoline derivatives, with the goal to treat nicotine and possibly Areca nut addictions without side effects associated with current smoking cessation drugs. Horenstein was featured in an ACS press release and she presented their findings earlier this month at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in San Francisco on April, 5, 2017.”