UF Beckman Scholars Program

“The University of Florida is one of the 10 institutional recipients of a 2013 Beckman Scholars Award from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. The Beckman Scholars Program provides scholarships of $19,300 for two summers and one academic year of undergraduate research by high achieving students. The multi-year undergraduate research projects and intensive faculty mentoring provide a unique experience for students who aspire to research careers. The UF Beckman Scholars Program, directed by Prof. Lisa McElwee-White, will provide support for a total of nine undergraduates who will work with mentors in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, or the Florida Museum of Natural History. The Chemistry mentors are Professors McElwee-White, Gail Fanucci, Valeria Kleiman, Adrian Roitberg, and Ken Wagener. The first cohort of Beckman Scholars will be appointed in Spring 2013 and additional new Scholar appointments will continue through Spring 2015.”