UF ACS Student Chapter Receives Outstanding Award

Congratulations to the UF Chemistry Club, formally known as the UF Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society, for being recognized with its second ever Outstanding (“Gold”) Student Chapter Award on the basis of their 2017-2018 activities. The Chapter shares the honor with just 68 others from around the country. The UF Chemistry Club also received its second ever Green Chapter Award! Leadership for the year was offered by the following elected officers: Magan Powell (President), Phoebe Chu (Vice President), Francis Nguyen (Treasurer), Dani Ca?as (Secretary), Maisey Ratcliffe (Historian), Thinh Pham (Technology Director), Lily Cao (Outreach Coordinator), Jade Bowers (Outreach Coordinator), Salina Som (Senior Advisor), Erin Lapasaran (Public Relations Chair), Jeremiah Martinez (Social Chair), Zachary Raad (Outreach Chair), and Matthew Douglas (Outreach Chair). Prof. Ronald Castellano and Prof. Leslie Murray are the Club’s faculty advisors.
The Chemistry Club has as its mission the promotion of awareness and involvement in chemistry and chemistry-related disciplines on campus and around the community. A parallel goal is to assist science-minded undergraduates in their professional endeavors, by providing volunteer, internship, and research opportunities.