Professor Sabin Celebrates his 70th Birthday

“Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark, July 9 – 11, 2010. Jack Sabin, Professor of Physics and Chemistry at UF and Adjungeret Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, was honored for his service and scholarship in celebration of his 70th birthday by friends and collaborators for three days of science, remembrance, and fellowship. The event was hosted by Jens Oddershede, President of Southern Denmark University and long term collaborator of Jack, at a remarkable bayside estate in southern Denmark. It was sponsored by QTP, the Department of Physics, UF, and by the University of Southern Denmark. Among the 20 invited speakers were three from UF, Yngve Ohrn, Frank Harris, and Jim Dufty. During his joint appointments at UF (40 years) and at Southern Denmark University (20 years), Jack has remarkable accomplishments in research at the interfaces of theoretical physics and chemistry, and as an administrator in many capacities (Chair, Dean, Director). During the banquet he was presented with a plaque from the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry for his exceptional service as editor of several books. But that which his colleagues mentioned most in their remarks is his outstanding quality as a self-less, honorable, and humorous friend and collaborator.”