FloHet 2018 Held in Chemistry/Chemical Biology

The 18th Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference (FloHet 2018) was held in Chemistry/Chemical Biology, March 4th-7th. The meeting, organized locally by Profs Aaron Aponick, Alex Grenning, and Bill Dolbier, brought together more than 250 academic and industrial chemists from the state of Florida, from across the country, and from overseas too! FloHet is a celebration of synthetic organic chemistry originally conceived and organized by the late Prof. Katritzky and the Arkat Foundation.

This year, with the help of Eric Scriven, Dennis Hall, and Vicki Tyson (Arkat, USA), the meeting was moved from the Reitz Union to the UF Chemistry Complex.  The format remained largely unchanged with plenary lectures, a short course, breakout sessions, and poster presentations each day keeping the legacy of heterocyclic chemistry at UF alive, well, and prospering.  The meeting will now be held biennially and we look forward to an equally successful FloHet 2020!  For more information, visit flohet.chem.ufl.edu.