Faculty New Hire: DR. Miranda Quintana, Assistant Professor Computational Chemistry, Physical Division

Dr. Miranda Quintana received his B.S. degree (Radiochemistry major, summa cum laude) from the Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences (Havana, Cuba). He earned his Ph.D. (Chemistry) in 2017 from the University of Havana, and conducted research between Cuba (supervised by Prof. Luis Montero, University of Havana) and Canada (supervised by Prof. Paul Ayers, McMaster University). He then went on to McMaster University for a year, before moving to York University (Toronto) for a postdoc in the group of Prof. Rene Fournier, thanks to a York Science Fellowship. Dr. Miranda Quintana’s work is devoted to developing, implementing, and applying new tools to study the electronic structure of atoms and molecules. In particular, he is interested in exploring wave function forms suitable for describing strongly correlated systems. He is also working on new ways to study charge transfer and chemical reactivity using quantum chemistry and statistical mechanics.