Double Victory for Chemistry in Goldwater Scholarships

Not only are all five UF endorsees for the Goldwater Scholarship receiving the final award, two out of the five winners, Cole English, and Dorothy Ware are both Chemistry Majors!

Becoming a Goldwater Scholar is highly competitive. Just a maximum of five students are endorsed each year per higher education institution. The scholarship supports sophomore and junior undergraduates committed to research-focused careers in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering. It is the premier scholarship for undergraduates in STEM fields. 

Cole English, a driven third year student, is already making a significant impact in the field of biochemistry. With a remarkable publication record as first author on multiple scientific papers, English demonstrates both research prowess and the ability to effectively communicate his findings. His leadership extends beyond the lab, as he actively mentor students and even visiting professors. Currently juggling over a dozen projects, English’s main focus is unraveling the mysteries of protein-DNA interactions, which forms the core of his research group’s endeavors. Ambitious and dedicated, English has his sights set on a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology. His passion lies in the realm of cancer epigenetics, where he aspires to develop innovative methods to gain deeper insights into cellular processes. Driven by a desire to inspire future generations, English also sees himself as a dedicated professor, fostering a love for scientific exploration in others.

Dorothy Ware is a third-year student, who is motivated to discover breakthroughs in using the immune system to create novel targeted therapies against cancer after her father died from bilateral gliosarcoma (a rare brain cancer) when she was eight. This has inspired her to pursue a degree in biochemistry. The knowledge and experience she gains in her academic journey are contributing to her mission to fight cancer. Ware shadows medical professionals, interacts with cancer patients, and volunteers in UF’s Dream Team non-profit. She was also a Harvard Amgen Scholar. Ware plans to earn an M.D./Ph.D. in Immunology. She is motivated to discover breakthroughs in using the immune system to create novel targeted therapies against cancer.

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