2022 Eli Lilly and Company Young Investigator Award

Boone Prentice, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Florida, has been selected to receive the 2022 Young Investigator Award from Eli Lilly and Company. The award is given annually by Eli Lilly’s Analytical Chemistry Academic Contacts Committee and recognizes a “rising star” in analytical chemistry. Prentice’s research focuses on developing novel molecular … Read more

Professor Adrian Roitberg awarded Honorary Doctorate

The University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) has awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Adrian Roitberg for his contributions to science and specifically his collaborators with Argentinian groups. Prof. Roitberg received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from that University. The title will be awarded at a ceremony in Argentina, and Prof Roitberg will deliver a series … Read more

A UF Chemist’s Breakthrough with Tiny Particles is a Big Deal for Design

Charles Cao and research team identify the possibilities of interconnected nanocrystal networks in future design applications By Lauren Barnett — August 18, 2022 A clear understanding of the stability of atomic-level structures of materials is critical for technological advancements, yet many aspects of these tiny assemblies remain a mystery to scientists. In a discovery that … Read more

2022 Jones Award Announced

The W. M. Jones Award for Originality and Creativity was endowed by Emeritus Professor William (“Bill”) M. Jones and each year acknowledges an original research proposal idea of a graduate student in the Organic, Inorganic, or Biochemistry Division. The award is judged based on three criteria: originality and impact of the scientific idea, quality and … Read more

2022 M.A. Battiste Award Announced

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 M. A. Battiste Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, sponsored by Petra Research, was awarded to Chieh-Yu Chang and Zaafir Dulloo. The award recognizes excellence in synthetic organic chemistry by a 3rd year graduate student who has completed their oral qualifying examination. Chieh-Yu’s work is … Read more

Interconnected-Nanocrystal Networks-Reflections in the Surreal Mirror

An Interconnected-Nanocrystal Network Expends the Synthetically Accessible Chemical Space for Materials Design. August 18, 2022 Solids from a collection of atoms can adopt a variety of structural phases having respective physical and chemical properties, providing entire chemical space for materials discovery.  At ambient conditions, there is often one thermodynamically stable phase for a given atomic … Read more

Lisa McElwee-White featured on ACS Approval Program website

The newest CPT Profiles story recognizes Lisa McElwee-White as one of the four department chairs serving on the ACS Committee on Professional Training, the group that evaluates undergraduate chemistry programs and gives approval for the institution to grant ACS certified degrees. https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/policies/acs-approval-program/news/cpt-profiles-department-chairs.html

Superior Accomplishment Award Winners

From the good news department… Congratulations to our Superior Accomplishment Award winners Jason Portmess and Kiersten Allison!!  These are university-wide awards that recognize efforts that go the extra mile and beyond the person’s normal assigned duties.  We are proud to have two winners of these very competitive awards in the department this year.