Room Reservations

If you are requesting a division controlled room you will need to contact that division assistant directly. Please click here

Reservations for rooms such as LEI207, CLB130, FLI50, etc. should be made using the “Registrar-controlled room reservations” form. The registrar’s office will receive the request and it can take several days to over a week for them to confirm a reservation has been created. Please try to submit requests for registrar rooms a week or more in advance.

To reserve LEI309, SFH201/202/221 you will need to use the dedicated email address for making a request: You may also use this email address to ask general reservation questions or to make changes to an existing reservation.

When making your reservation please include the following information:

  • The date of your event
  • If your event repeats, include the start date, the end date, and the day of the week your event will recur on. (Please note that group meetings must be reserved at the beginning of each semester and end the last day of that semester).
  • The start time and end time of your event
  • The name or purpose of your event
  • Contact information in case a conflict with your request arises.

SFH221 is first and foremost a classroom and not always available for other seminars, visitors, or events. Due to Course Scheduling dates set by the registrar’s office, reservations for SFH221 cannot be made prior to the publication of the official Course Schedule for the semester in question.

It is important to remember that when you are requesting to use LEI309, that you are reserving the Chair’s conference room and your reservation can be cancelled if the Department Chair has need of the room. You will be given as much advance notice as possible should this situation occur. If you are planning your Ph.D. defense in LEI309, it is strongly suggested that you have a back-up room reservation in place.

Rules for using LEI309 are simple:

  1. Never leave the room unlocked and unattended
  2. Always turn off the projector when you are finished.
  3. Always turn off the lights in the room before you leave.
  4. Always lock the door before you leave.
  5. If your event includes serving food: all trash must be placed in the trash can. Any spills must be cleaned up immediately or reported to If your event occurs on a Friday, you are asked to remove the trash bag containing food and place it in the large bin located near the elevator or near an outside trash can.