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352-392-2752 https://castellano.chem.ufl.edu SIS 201

Coray Colina

Photo of Coray Colina
352-294-3488 https://colina.chem.ufl.edu/ 312 LEI
352-392-2345 https://fanucci.chem.ufl.edu CLB 311F

Stephen A. Miller

Associate Professor
Photo of Stephen A. Miller
352-392-7773 https://miller.chem.ufl.edu LEI 318A

Daniel A. Savin

Associate Professor
Photo of Daniel A. Savin
352-392-9150 https://savin.chem.ufl.edu/ LEI 318

Brent S. Sumerlin

George B. Butler Professor of Polymer Chemistry
Photo of Brent S. Sumerlin
352-392-0563 https://sumerlin.chem.ufl.edu SIS 301A

Adam S. Veige

Photo of Adam S. Veige
352-392-9844 https://veige.chem.ufl.edu/ CLB 412B

Kenneth B. Wagener

Director, CMSE
Photo of Kenneth B. Wagener
352-392-2012 https://wagener.chem.ufl.edu LEI 318