2022 Eli Lilly and Company Young Investigator Award

Boone Prentice, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Florida, has been selected to receive the 2022 Young Investigator Award from Eli Lilly and Company. The award is given annually by Eli Lilly’s Analytical Chemistry Academic Contacts Committee and recognizes a “rising star” in analytical chemistry. Prentice’s research focuses on developing novel molecular imaging technologies using mass spectrometry. A major area of innovation includes his use of gas-phase reactions performed inside the mass spectrometer to provide for the structural elucidation of complex biomolecules. Prentice works with biologists and clinicians at UF and around the country applying his methods to study disease pathophysiology and resolve biomedical challenges related to infectious disease, diabetes, neurodegeneration, neuropharmacology, cancer, and more.

The unsolicited award is based on Prentice’s outstanding research, publication record, and his scientific impact in the field of analytical chemistry, and includes an unrestricted grant of $50,000, which is renewable for a second year.