2021 Charles and Monica Burkett Summer Fellowship

The department is pleased to announce Jonathan Specker has
been awarded the 2021 Charles and Monica Burkett Summer Fellowship.
Jonathan received his Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and
is a member of Professor Boone Prentice’s research group. His
research focuses on combining novel gas-phase derivatization
strategies with imaging mass spectrometry to provide enhanced
separation and structural characterizations for biomolecules related
to molecular health and disease.

This fund was established in 2012 by Charles and Monica Burkett to
recruit, reward and retain outstanding graduate students studying in
the University of Florida Department of Chemistry. Charles earned a
bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Florida in
1976 and a medical degree from the University of Miami in 1981.
Monica earned a nursing degree from the Jackson Memorial School of
Nursing in Miami.

Congratulations Jonathan!