General Chemistry Laboratories

Melanie Veige, Director of General Chemistry & General Chemistry Laboratories, CCB 103

Laboratory Course Requirements
Course Administrator: CHM2095L/2096LMaria Korolev, Senior LecturerKF 251
Laboratory Manager:Candace BiggerstaffCCB 110
Assistant Laboratory Manager: Jessica WebbCCB 110


  • Policies and procedures for General Chemistry Labs are outlined in your course syllabi. Electronic versions of the syllabus will be posted for you in Canvas. Print copies are not disseminated.
  • You are not required to purchase a lab manual; we provide the complete manual for you in Canvas.
  • Please ensure that you log in to Canvas and check your Canvas email messages regularly; all course correspondence is done through the Canvas messaging system.
  • You are required to meet the attire requirements for the laboratory. Attire information can be found here, and is expanded upon in your Canvas course shell.
  • Specific information on safety goggle requirements is posted here.
  • Students without goggles or who do not meet the attire requirements will not be allowed to attend lab. They will forfeit the majority of their grade for the missed lab.