UF Engineer Develops Full Color 3D Scanning Microscope

“Mr. Robert Harker, an Engineer working for Dr. Ion Ghiviriga in Chemistry’s own Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab was granted a US utility patent for the following new and useful invention: “Full Spectrum Lapidary 3D Image Scanner and Method,” US Patent 7840300 B2. These technologies are available free to any UF researcher and are in keeping with the innovation goals of the university. This patent could not have been issued without the extremely helpful support of the UF Office of Technology and Licensing. The inventor would like to express special thanks to Dr. Ion Ghiviriga, Mr. Bruce Clary, Mr. David Day, and Dr. Win Phillips. This novel invention uses polishing techniques to slowly polish or abrade away stepped layers of an object to be scanned. It is 100{3c0caad52c08e46b57c1dc946e6f87c810c2d6c46589b97ffcbbf8f3a9791f0d} sample destructive. The scanned object is cast into a contrasting resin which both hardens and provides a dark, light, or colored background for high contrast photography. The layers are digitally photographed stepwise to produce a record of internal structures. 2D digital images are reassembled using computer and software methods to produce exquisitely finely detailed 3D digital models of the solid internal structures in full color beyond the reach of most researchers.”