Sumerlin Group has two papers among the Year’s Top Ten Most-Read Papers in Macromolecules

“Two recent papers from the Sumerlin Research Group have been listed among the Top Ten most read articles in�Macromolecules?over the last 12 months. The ?article titled “Room-Temperature Self-Healing Polymers Based on Dynamic-Covalent Boronic Esters,” which was authored by Jessica Cash, Tomohiro Kubo, and Abhijeet Bapat is the number two most read article of the year. This paper describes crosslinked polymers capable of covalently healing themselves after damage. The second paper titled “Expanding the Scope of RAFT Polymerization: Recent Advances and New Horizons” was authored by Megan Hill and Nick Carmean and highlighted recent developments in the field of reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization.”