Professor Weihong Tan receives the ACS Award in Spectrochemical Analysis from ACS Analytical Chemistry Division

University Distinguished Professor Weihong Tan, also the V. T. and Louis Jackson Professor, has been selected to receive the 2018 ACS (American Chemical Society) Award in Spectrochemical Analysis. This award is given annually by the ACS Analytical Chemistry Division to analytical chemists who “advance the fields of spectrochemical analysis and optical spectrometry.” This award recognizes Professor Tan’s influential role “in the development of this field and in the use of chemical instrumentation,” with the award citation: “Tan has made pioneering contributions in spectrochemical analysis: ultrasensitive bioanalysis with DNA probes, ultrasmall optical biosensors, development of biophotonic nanomaterials and aptamer-based chemistry and biotechnologies.” He will be recognized at the 2018 Fall ACS meeting in Boston this August.