Prof. Castellano, 2011 HHMI Science for Life Distinguished Mentor

“Ron Castellano, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, has been named a 2011 HHMI Science for Life Distinguished Mentor. The award is given annually and honors excellence in undergraduate mentoring. Dr. Castellano was one of three UF faculty presented with the award at the Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Awards reception held March 28, 2011 at the UF President’s House. Ron joins a number of previous awardees from the Department of Chemistry including Jon Stewart (2006), Lisa McElwee-White (2007), Adrian Roitberg (2007), Gail Fanucci (2009), and Weihong Tan (2010). In addition to the title, Distinguished Mentor faculty receive $5,000 per year for two years to be spent at their discretion.”