Prof. Brent Sumerlin publishes Perspective in Science

Prof. Brent Sumerlin publishes a Perspective in Science that overviews design principles for next-generation self-healing materials

Brent Sumerlin, the George B. Butler Professor of Polymer Chemistry, published a Perspective in Science highlighting recent advances in the area of self-healing polymers. While polymers designed to degrade after their intended use represent a promising, chemistry-driven approach to minimize the impact of persistent, petroleum-derived materials, an alternative strategy for preparing sustainable materials is to design polymers that have even longer life spans and, as a result, need to be replaced less frequently. Polymers that heal themselves after damage, with no external stimulus, are one such approach for extending material lifetime. This Perspective reinforces the importance of contemplating the most fundamental features of macro-molecular structure for “up-cycling” and extending the lifetime of commodity polymers for next-generation self-healing materials.  

For more information, see Science 2018, 362(6411), 150-151. Link: