Stipends, Cost of Attendance, and Housing Information


All graduate students receive funding as long as they remain in good standing. Most students receive teaching assistantships during their first year. In addition to the stipend, students receive a full tuition waiver. The University also provides full health benefits to all graduate students with assistantships. See:


Fellowships and Assistantships

Graduate Student Fellowships and other fellowships and scholarships are available to our students. All applicants are considered for these by our Scholarship/Fellowship Committee as part of the acceptance process. Most scholarships/fellowships are awarded during or after student visits.


Housing is plentiful and varied with rents ranging between $500-600/month in nice locations. Students will be given assistance in locating apartments by our Department’s Office of Student Affairs, off-campus housing agencies, and the University’s Office of Student Housing. See also the following links:

(These links do not represent all available apartments in the area and do not constitute an endorsement by UF. However, many applicants have found them helfpul.)

Cost of Living in Gainesville

You will find the cost of living in Gainesville to be relatively low. More detailed cost of living estimates from the UF Graduate School are also available. (Remember that our assistantships provide a tuition waiver for most of your tuition, with the exception of matriculation fees.)