352 294 3435

Tammy A. Davidson

Master Lecturer
Photo of Tammy A. Davidson
352-273-0550 SIS 329A

Steven Harris

Photo of Steven Harris
352 273 3717 CCB 302A
352-392-0528 LEI 202

Maria V. Korolev

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Maria V. Korolev
352-392-1087 FLI 251
352-392-9700 Leigh Hall 312
352-294-0453 LEI 232

Laura Peterson

Photo of Laura Peterson
352-294-1364 SIS 328B

Jason Portmess

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Jason Portmess

Alix Rexford

Photo of Alix Rexford
352-297-6851 LEI 302

Martina Sumner

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Martina Sumner
352-392-0517 Keene Flint 250

Melanie K. Veige

Master Lecturer, Director of General Chemistry, Director of the General Chemistry Laboratories
Photo of Melanie K. Veige
352-392-0518 CCB 103