Dr. Alberto Perez, New Assistant Professor in the Physical Chemistry Division

The Chemistry Department welcomes Dr. Alberto Perez to the Physical Chemistry division to contribute to the strengths of the department in computational models of macromolecules. Dr. Perez got his PhD in the University of Barcelona (Spain) under the supervision of Modesto Orozco and F. Javier Luque. He later joint Ken Dill?s lab first at UCSF and then at Stony Brook university as a postdoc and later as a Junior Fellow/Research Assistant Professor. Dr. Perez?s research focuses on the integration of experimental data (e.g. EPR, cryoEM, solid state NMR) into physics based simulations of proteins, DNA and their interactions with other molecules. Ultimately, his goal is to help determine structures of macromolecules and understand their mechanisms of action and pathways.