Aponick Group Research Paper Hits JACS Most Read List

“A recent paper from the Aponick Research Group has been listed in the JACS Most Read Articles list for this month. The Communication, co-authored with Paulo H.S. Paioti and Dr. Khalil Abboud, describes the enantioselective synthesis of amino skipped diynes and exemplifies the exquisite stereocontrol that can be achieved using a ligand developed in their laboratory called StackPhos. The chemistry described in the article addresses the question of how to enantioselectively prepare chiral amines when the stereocenter bears two highly similar groups. This is a basic research question with many important implications, but the Aponick Group?s interest stems from difficulties in preparing chiral primary amine natural products whose biosynthetic origins are a result of hybrid PKS/NRPS assembly lines.”