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Aaron Aponick

Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Photo of Aaron Aponick
352-392-3484 https://aponick.chem.ufl.edu JHH 403, FLI 264
352 392 0525 https://bruner.chem.ufl.edu JHH 302E

Rebecca A. Butcher

Associate Professor
Photo of Rebecca A. Butcher
352-846-3392 https://butcher.chem.ufl.edu/ JHH 302B
352-392-2752 https://castellano.chem.ufl.edu SIS 201

George Christou

Drago and Distinguished Professor
Photo of George Christou
352-392-6737 http://christou.chem.ufl.edu/ CLB 408A

Alexander J. Grenning

Assistant Professor
Photo of Alexander J. Grenning
352-392-9131 https://grenning.chem.ufl.edu JHH 402

Zhongwu Guo

Scott Professor
Photo of Zhongwu Guo
352-392-9133 https://guo.chem.ufl.edu/ JHH 302O

Lisa McElwee-White

Crow Professor and Chair
Photo of Lisa McElwee-White
352-392-5266 https://lmwhite.chem.ufl.edu SIS 429A

Stephen A. Miller

Associate Professor
Photo of Stephen A. Miller
352-392-7773 https://miller.chem.ufl.edu LEI 318A

Leslie J. Murray

Associate Professor
Photo of Leslie J. Murray
352-392-0564 https://murray.chem.ufl.edu CLB 410B

Daniel A. Savin

Associate Professor
Photo of Daniel A. Savin
352-392-9150 https://savin.chem.ufl.edu/ LEI 318

Keith Searles

Assistant Professor
Photo of Keith Searles
352 392 0326 Sisler 428A

Daniel Seidel

Photo of Daniel Seidel
352 294 7991 https://seidel.chem.ufl.edu Department of ChemistryJHH 406G
352 846 0743 https://stewart.chem.ufl.edu LEI 102

Brent S. Sumerlin

George B. Butler Professor
Photo of Brent S. Sumerlin
352-392-0563 https://sumerlin.chem.ufl.edu SIS 301A

Adam S. Veige

Photo of Adam S. Veige
352-392-9844 https://veige.chem.ufl.edu/ CLB 412B

Kenneth B. Wagener

Professor and Director CMSE
Photo of Kenneth B. Wagener
352-392-2012 https://wagener.chem.ufl.edu LEI 318

Chenjie Zeng

Assistant Professor
Photo of Chenjie Zeng
352 294 3447 Sisler Hall 329