2021 Ann R. Stasch Summer Fellowship

The department is pleased to announce Ashlyn Hale has been
awarded the 2021 Ann R. Stasch Summer Fellowship. Ashlyn received her
Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida and is a
member of Professor George Christou’s research group. Her research
is in the field of molecular nanoscience and focuses on a bottom-up
molecular approach to Mn-oxo nanomagnets, relevant to applications
such as high-density information storage and spintronics, and involves
the synthesis of giant Mn-oxo tori of 4 nm dimensions and molecular
nanoparticles of Mn dioxide.

Ann R. Stasch established this endowment in 2000 to foster the
academic success of female graduate students studying chemistry. In
1956, Ann became the first female to earn a doctorate in chemistry
from the University of Florida. She also received her master’s
degree in chemistry from UF. After leaving Florida, she worked in
Georgia, Mississippi and California in agricultural research. She was
a professor at California State University, Northridge, where she
taught for 25 years.

Congratulations Ashlyn!