ACS Certified Program

The chemistry program at the University of Florida is approved by the American Chemistry Society (ACS). Students completing a baccalaureate degree in the standard Chemistry track may enhance their undergraduate experience by completing an ‘ACS-certified degree’. The ACS-certified degree is comprised of foundational coursework from each of the five subdisciplines of chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, physical, and organic), as well as additional in-depth courses and laboratory experiences.  The following course work and lab experiences are necessary to satisfy the requirements for ACS certification:

  • Completion of all coursework for the standard Chemistry track
  •  CHM 3218 (4 credits)
  • CHM3610L (2 credits)
  • An additional 4000-level CHM lecture course (2-3 credits)
  • An additional 4000-level CHM laboratory course or CHM 4910 (2-3 credits)
ACS-Approved Chemistry Program