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Khalil A. Abboud

Scientist; Director, Center for X-ray Crystallography
Photo of Khalil A. Abboud
352-392-9151 http://xray.chem.ufl.edu/ CLB 111

Kari B. Basso

Photo of Kari B. Basso
352-392-8782 https://mass-spec.chem.ufl.edu/ CLB 101A

Erik Deumens

Photo of Erik Deumens
352-392-6980 https://people.clas.ufl.edu/deumens/ NPB 2334

Ion Ghiviriga

Photo of Ion Ghiviriga
352-846-3001 https://nmr.chem.ufl.edu CLB 108A

Manasi Kamat

Chemist III
352-392-0566 101 CLB