Leadership Board

The Department of Chemistry Leadership Board was established in the Spring of 2011 to provide guidance and support for the Department’s continual drive for excellence. The Board, made up of business, academic, and community leaders, adopted the mission statement: “To offer leadership and guidance, to provide financial strength, and to achieve national acclaim as a top 10 Department of Chemistry.”

Nancy P. Crews Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer Custom Manufacturing & Engineering™
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Biographical Info

Dr. Nancy P. Crews is Chief Executive Officer and owner of Custom Manufacturing & Engineering? (CME?), a Power & Sensors company serving both government and commercial markets. With extensive experience in strategic planning, market development, sales management, and product development and research, Dr. Crews has led CME to achieve growth and stability as a mature, larger small business conducting research and development, product testing, manufacturing, and engineering services. Prior to starting CME, Dr. Crews was employed as a Senior Manager by Lockheed Martin Specialty Components, Inc. Before joining Lockheed Martin, Dr. Crews worked for Eastman Kodak Corporation in a variety of managerial positions, including serving as a Marketing Director for Reprographics Products; Program Manager, Product Development Manager, and a Research Scientist. Additionally, she was an original member of the business reengineering team working on streamlining Kodak’s business processes. Dr. Crews earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Virginia Tech after earning her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Florida.

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