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Nicolo Omenetto

Research Professor UF ChemistryAnalytical Division
Work University of Florida Dept. of Chemistry PO Box 117200 Gainesville FL 32611-7200 Other CLB 201 Work Phone: 352-392-9853 Website:
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Our research is focused on the use of lasers on atomic and molecular systems. Our analytical goal is the development of novel methods of analysis, or the improvement of the selectivity and the sensitivity of the existing ones. Our fundamental goal is the understanding of the basic interaction processes (linear and non linear, including coherence effects) leading to a measurable emission, absorption, fluorescence and ionization signal. Such understanding will allow obtaining quantitative results without the use of standards, i.e., we will be able to approach absolute analysis.

Fundamental diagnostics of various spectral sources, including plasmas and pulsed glow discharges, are another main theme of our research. Here, lasers can be used merely as sampling devices to introduce the material into the discharge (e.g., laser ablation) or as additional excitation-ionization sources of the species already present in the discharge. Both gaseous and solid samples are studied, in particular fine and ultra-fine aerosols.

A strong link exists between our research interests and those of Prof. Winefordner and Dr. Smith, with a resulting close collaboration.

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