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Megan Baucom

Senior Secretary


Candace Biggerstaff

Teaching Lab Specialist I


Joshua Bush

Scientific Laboratory Manager


Frederick Cartwright

Teaching Lab Specialist


Joseph Carusone

Systems Programer


Lori Clark

Academic Assistant II


Jane Dare

Human Resource Specialist


Elizabeth Eddy

Grants Assistant


Kerstin Erickson

Administrative Support Assistant, III


John Flowers

Director of Operations


Karen Griffin

HR/Payroll Manager


Vera Diane Harris

Grants Assistant


Angela Hyatt

Research Administrator I


Alice Jempson

Senior Secretary


Robert “Bob” Johnson

Stores/Rcv Manager


Antoinette Knight

Program Assistant


Joey “Bobby” Lott

Lab Manager/Facilities


Kathy Markham

End User Specialist II


Gwendolyn McCann

Program Assistant


Laura Myers

Administrative Support Assistant I


Heather Nichols

Coord. of Accounting


Anna Pardo

OPS – Sec/Clerical


Ivy Ponder-Gay

Administrative Specialist I


Todd Prox



Stanley Pych

Engineer III


Lisa Reed

Senior Grants Specialist


Robert Rice

Engineering Technician II


Jessica Thompson

Administrative Support AST I


Vivian Thompson

Program Assistant


Donna Turner

Laboratory, SR Teaching Spec


Galyna Vakulenko

Administrative Support Ast I


Larry Westra

Building Projects Specialist


Sarah Wolfred

Assistant Stockroom Manager


Julia Zavala

Academic Assistant


Xueying Zhao

Teaching Lab Specialist II





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