WH Tan

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Feel free to contact us with any questions:


email: tan@chem.ufl.edu

Lab Phones:

Leigh Hall, Room 109: (352) 846-2410

Cancer Center, Room 475G: (352) 273-8248

Chemistry Lab Building, Room 116: (352) 392-0137

Notice: Positions are open for graduate students with interest in our research and with backgrounds in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Biomedical engineering. Projects include bioanalytical and biophysical development, single molecule studies, single living cell monitoring, DNA/RNA studies and neurotransmitter imaging and mapping. Graduate students with a desire to do creative work in a new and rapidly growing field are encouraged to apply. Our laboratory is highly interdisciplinary and dynamic. We welcome your comments about our research program. We encourage potential graduate students to contact us about the unique research opportunities at the joint labs at the Department of Chemistry and at the College of Medicine. Again, if you have an interest or any questions, please email: Dr. Tan: tan@chem.ufl.edu