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Our research group is focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel polymers. Two main research areas are explored:
The synthesis of new polymers from biorenewable feedstocks—with the specific intent of mimicking commodity thermoplastics.
The development of organometallic, single-site catalysts for the polymerization of olefins to polyolefins having novel structure and properties.

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   08.23.2013 Listen to the ACS Polymer Podcast Series featuring a Podcast of Prof. Miller's Viewpoint article in ACS Macro Letters.
   02.16.2013 Listen to the Science Magazine Podcast created at the 2013 AAAS Meeting in Boston: Designing Bio-Friendly Plastics [MP3].
   05.22.2012 Watch Dr. Miller in the Welcome Video for the Young Scientist Ambassador Program produced at the South Africa GYA-GA.
   01.06.2012 Visit the University of Florida Homepage to view a Research Spotlight on Professor Miller.
   12.28.2011 Professor Miller has been selected as the Science/Innovation Floridian of the Year by Florida Trend Magazine.
   10.04.2011 View my web-report and subtitled slideshow of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the New Champions
   10.04.2011 View my web-report and subtitled slideshow of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the New Champions
   08.23.2011 Our work on sustainable plastics appeared as a Researcher Story on the ACS PRF 2010 Annual Report Website.
   08.08.2011 Our paper on Polyalkylenehydroxybenzoates has been featured in Materials Views.
   07.21.2011 Professor Miller presented at the inaugural Indonesian-American Kavli FOS Symposium. View his YSAP Mission Report here.
   05.17.2011 Ryan Martin appeared on the WCJB-TV20 Technology Spotlight to discuss Sustainable Plastics and the Cade Prize.
   05.12.2011 Professor Miller and graduate student Ryan Martin win the 2011 Cade Prize for Innovation with Florida Sustainables.
   03.15.2011 Professor Miller appeared on the WCJB-TV20 Technology Spotlight to discuss "Plastics from Wood".
   12.10.2010 Professor Miller and his collaboration with Natalia Allen/Design Futurist are noticed by Fast Company.

Graduate Students
 Khalid Alqahtani
 Amr Feteha
 John Garcia
 Nicole Gibbons
 Ha Nguyen

Posdoctoral Fellow
 Alex Pemba

Visiting Students
 Hipassia Moura
 William Vickery

 Group Roster

 Olivier Nsengiyumva
 Pengxu Qi
 Mayra Rostagno
 Steven Shen
 Gabriel Short

 Dominique Catena
 Erik Price
 Marcus Reis
 Alexander Valdes

Visiting Professors

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 Prof. Stephen A. Miller
University of Florida
Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 117200
Gainesville, Florida 32611-7200
Office: (352) 392-7773
Leigh Hall, Room 318A
FAX: (352) 392-9741
Lab: (352) 392-7243
Email: miller@chem.ufl.edu

 Program Manager Frank Farley
Email: f.farley@chem.ufl.edu
Office: (352) 392-2012

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