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Last updated: December 6, 2012



Uranium oxide Binary superlatticedual ligand interactionsNanozyme



We are interested in developing methodologies for controlling the surface and interior structures of materials at the nanometer scale.  Our work seeks to understand the thermodynamic and quantum mechanical properties of these materials and to use them for technology applications.  Currently, our research focuses on nanoparticle synthesis, assembly, and surface engineering.  First, we are developing methods for making high quality nanoparticles at the industrial scale at low cost.  Second, we are developing synthetic approaches for making nanoparticles with complex structures such as nanoparticle oligomers or nanoparticles with position-controlled dopants.  Third, we are developing novel approaches for creating superparticles—nanoparticle assemblies in the formation of colloidal particles, and evaluating their use in energy conversion, catalysis, and drug delivery.  Fourth, we are developing a new surface functionalization concept for creating a new class of nanoparticle-based intracellular machineries such as nanozymes, which can be used as powerful tools for functional genomics, as well as for combating protein expression-related diseases such as viral infections and cancers.

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