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  The Department of Chemistry Leadership Board was established in the Spring of 2011 to provide guidance and support for the Department’s continual drive for excellence. The Board, made up of business, academic, and community leaders, adopted the mission statement: “To offer leadership and guidance, to provide financial strength, and to achieve national acclaim as a top 10 Department of Chemistry."

Glenn D. Boutilier, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Proctor & Gamble

Dr. Glenn Boutilier received the B.S. degree in chemistry from Colorado State University in 1974. He studied at the University of Florida with James D. Winefordner and received the Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 1978. Post doctoral study followed at the University of Georgia, where Glenn studied with Professors L. B. Rogers and L. A. Carreira. He joined Procter & Gamble in 1980, where he is currently a Research Fellow, Victor Mills Society. Dr. Boutilier’s work has focused on areas of adhesive and polymer technology, especially the development of high performance photopolymers. He is inventor or coinventor on more than 20 patents and has made key contributions to the success of the P&G proprietary papermaking process. Dr. Boutilier promotes effective undergraduate and graduate education in the analytical sciences by offering the popular Industrial Analytical Short Course. Dr. Boutilier is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. He has served the latter organization in many capacities, including Chairman of the Cincinnati Section.

Michael J. Collins, Ph.D.
President & CEO
CEM Corporation

Michael J. Collins graduated Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas. His research focused on the use of microwave spectroscopy for structural determination of small molecules.

CEM Corporation was co-founded in 1978 by Dr. Collins, who is currently president and CEO of the company. CEM is the leading provider of microwave solutions for the laboratory and life sciences marketplace, with over 35,000 systems sold worldwide and more than 200 patents for microwave and related technologies.

Dr. Collins has received many entrepreneurial awards since the founding of CEM and in 1990 was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” for North Carolina by Inc. Magazine. He is a current member and board director of ALSSA (Analytical & Life Science Systems Association). He has had numerous publications in various trade journals and was a contributing author in a ACS professional reference book entitled, Introduction to Microwave Sample Preparation, Theory and Practice. He also was co-author of a chapter in the recently published book entitled Microwaves in Organic Chemistry.

Nancy P. Crews, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Custom Manufacturing & Engineering™

Dr. Nancy P. Crews is Chief Executive Officer and owner of Custom Manufacturing & Engineering™ (CME™), a Power & Sensors company serving both government and commercial markets. With extensive experience in strategic planning, market development, sales management, and product development and research, Dr. Crews has led CME to achieve growth and stability as a mature, larger small business conducting research and development, product testing, manufacturing, and engineering services. Prior to starting CME, Dr. Crews was employed as a Senior Manager by Lockheed Martin Specialty Components, Inc. Before joining Lockheed Martin, Dr. Crews worked for Eastman Kodak Corporation in a variety of managerial positions, including serving as a Marketing Director for Reprographics Products; Program Manager, Product Development Manager, and a Research Scientist. Additionally, she was an original member of the business reengineering team working on streamlining Kodak’s business processes. Dr. Crews earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Virginia Tech after earning her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Florida.

Kern M. Davis, M.D.
Pathology Associates

Kern M. Davis, M.D., graduated from UF in 1976 with a B.S. in Chemistry. Post graduation, he earned his M.D. at USF returning to UF for pathology residency. Since 1985 he has practiced pathology in his home town, St. Petersburg, with special interest in anatomic pathology. In 1993 he obtained an MBA at USF and has been the president of Pathology Associates since. Davis recently rejoined the board of directors of United Insurance Holding Corporation, which through wholly-owned subsidiaries, writes and services property and casualty insurance in Florida, South Carolina, and Massachusetts.

Davis is an avid masters swimmer preferring long distance races. He participates in teaching pathology in an introductory class in medicine at his high school alma mater. Kern resides in St. Petersburg with his wife Twila, two daughters Hannah and Sydney, and their labradoodle Valentine.

Robert H. Grubbs, Ph.D.
Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry
California Insitute of Technology

Professor Grubbs is the current Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, a title he has held since 1990. Since 2009 he has held the concurrent position of Chair Professor from the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Professor Grubbs earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemistry from the University of Florida in 1963 and 1965, respectively. His Masters research was conducted under the direction of Merle Battiste. His Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University was awarded in 1968 and his doctoral advisor was Ronald Breslow.

Professor Grubbs began his academic career as an Assistant Professor at Michigan State in 1969. Subsequently, he became an Associate Professor in 1973 before moving to the California Institute of Technology in 1978 with the title of Professor of Chemistry. Professor Grubbs has garnered a variety of accolades, including the University of Canterbury’s 2nd Canterbury Distinguished Professor (2007), an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science at the University of Florida (2006), the Havinga Medal (2006), Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2006), the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2005), Fellowship in the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) (2004), the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry (2003), the Linus Pauling Award Medal (2003), the American Chemical Society Award for Creative Research in Homogenous or Heterogeneous Catalysis (2003), the American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Award (2002), the American Chemical Society Herman F. Mark Polymer Chemistry Award (2000), the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry (2000), the Fluka Prize – Reagent of the Year (1998), the Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry (1997), the American Chemical Society Award in Polymer Chemistry (1995), Fellowship in the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (1994), an American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award (1990), Membership in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (1989), the American Chemical Society National Award in Organometallic Chemistry (1988), an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (1975), The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (1975), and the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (1974).

Professor Grubbs’ research interests include organometallic synthesis and mechanisms, organic synthesis and reagents, and polymer synthesis. Central to this research is the continued development of olefin metathesis catalysts.

John C. Heaton
Vice President of Research and Development
for Contact Lens Products

John is the Vice President of Research and Development for Contact Lens Products at Vistakon, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. He has over 20 years of experience in developing and commercializing new products. In his 20+ years at Vistakon he has served in a leadership capacity in numerous key areas including Product Development, Clinical Research, Commercialization Engineering and Materials Science.

John joined Vistakon in 1983 as one of three R&D professionals charged with the development of ACUVUE® contact lenses. He received the Johnson Medal in 1992 for his contributions in the development of ACUVUE® lenses. Since that time he has contributed to the development and commercialization of over 20 products which have contributed to the growth of Vistakon from a $10 Million regional company to a global leader in the industry having sales in excess of $2 Billion.

John holds a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of North Florida and has authored/co-authored numerous patents.

D. Kay Henderson
Data Management and Information Strategy
Bank of America

Kay is currently with Bank of America in Data Management and Information Strategy. She has been with Bank of America (and legacy organization) for 24 years. Kay has served in a variety of roles from Strategic Planning Manager, Finance Manger, Senior Operations Analyst and Database Administrator (Teradata & DB2). Previously, she had been employed by Southeast Bank, N.A. in Corporate Planning, Commercial Lending and Market Research roles. Prior to that, Kay worked for American Dade division of American Hospital Supply in Market Research (interface between Research & Development and Marketing).

Kay earned her B.S. in Chemistry with high honors in 1980 from the University of Florida. (She worked with Dr. E.J. Gabbay’s research group.) She earned her Master of Business Administration with concentration in Finance and Marketing in 1982.

Kay is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Florida Blue Key and is in the UF Hall of Fame.

Eugene L. Inman, Ph.D.
Vice President
Analytical Sciences Research and Development
Lilly Research Laboratories

Eugene L. Inman, Ph.D., is the vice president of Analytical Sciences Research and Development at Eli Lilly and Company, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Gene joined Lilly in 1982. He is a trained analytical chemist with six years of industrial experience as a pharmaceutical development analytical chemist, fourteen years as a technical manager, and nine years as an R&D executive. As a manager, he has been responsible for groups of 40 to 700 scientists with expertise in physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, organic chemistry, formulations development, biochemistry, clinical trial materials preparation, and project management. His personal passions include Quality by Design, knowledge management, product quality control strategies, global registration documents, leadership development, laboratory quality systems, and pharmaceutical product quality.

Gene graduated from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics and received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry in 1982 from the University of Florida under the mentorship of Professor James D. Winefordner.

Wesley Jones
Senior Vice President
Operations Excellence and Compliance

Wes Jones has served as Senior Vice President - Operations Excellence and Compliance for Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific since 2007. In this role, he has responsibility for all company manufacturing operations as well as for compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and policies.

A 1976 graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in chemistry, Wes has worked in the pulp and paper industry for more than 35 years. He started his career as a shift supervisor with ITT Rayonier in Jesup, Ga., and also worked for Mead Corp. in Ohio.

During his long career with Georgia-Pacific, Wes has held a variety of leadership roles within the company’s pulp business. He began working with Georgia-Pacific in 1987 at the company’s pulp and paper mill in Crossett, Ark., and moved to the Brunswick, Ga., cellulose mill in 1989. He became head of the Brunswick operations in 1993 and took on responsibility for Georgia-Pacific’s entire fluff pulp business in 1996. He was named President-Pulp in 2003 and led that business through the 2005 acquisition of Georgia-Pacific by Koch Industries. After the acquisition, Wes led the company’s consumer products manufacturing organization until assuming his current role.

Wes is a native of Palatka, Florida and is married to Kathy Weigel Jones.

Robert O. Kincart
A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.
American Communications, Inc.
The Kincart Group

Rob graduated from UF in 1972 with a B.S. in Chemistry. Post graduation, he worked as a research chemist with Glidden-Durkee and Roux Laboratories, but quickly moved into management roles with Kerr-McGee Chemical and, later, with Asgrow/The Upjohn Company in the agricultural chemical industry. Kincart, who was recognized in 2005 as the UF Chemistry Department’s outstanding alumni, also served as the first hazardous materials chemist on the nation’s first fire department haz-mat team out of Jacksonville, Florida circa 1975. Today, as a result of his career-long dedication and expertise in dealing with hazardous materials and their affect on the environment, Kincart is Polk County’s sole honorary Fire Chief.

In 1980, Kincart was a founding partner in Resource Recovery of America, Inc., one of the first environmental services companies in Florida to provide assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. The company was subsequently sold and in 1987 he founded A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. which is headquartered in Bartow, Florida. Today, the firm employs nearly 100 professionals, including scientists and engineers and serves clients nationwide. He is very proud that they have been awarded the Best Place to work in Florida for 2010 and 2011. In addition to these business ventures, in 1995, he co-founded American Communications, Inc., a wireless telephone provider and in 2000 founded The Kincart Group, a real estate investment and development firm.

Kincart encourages employees to get engaged in the community and models the way for “giving back” through his own active involvement. He is a Rotarian, serves on numerous non-profit boards and is also president-elect for the Bartow Chamber of Commerce. He is also the co-chairman of the inaugural Polk County School Board Environmental Career Academy.

Rob resides in Lakeland with his wife, Laurel; their black lab Kacey; three children and six grandchildren. He loves UF, is a Bull Gator and has endowed the Kincart Scholarship in Chemistry at UF.

Mike S. Lee, Ph.D.
Milestone Development Services

Dr. Lee is the President of Milestone Development Services. He actively participates in the development of new technologies and their integration into industrial settings. Prior to founding Milestone Development Services, Dr. Lee was with Bristol-Myers Squibb. He led interdisciplinary teams responsible for rapid analysis of discovery leads and preclinical drug candidates that contributed to the Food & Drug Administration approval of Buspar®, and Serzone®, and the accelerated development and approval of TAXOL®. Dr. Lee is the founder of the Annual Symposium on Chemical and Pharmaceutical Structure Analysis (CPSA). These unique events, held in the US and China, highlight industry-related applications and discussion on real-world experiences with the latest analytical technology and industry initiatives. Dr. Lee is the author or co-author of over 50 scientific papers and patents. He received his BS degree in Chemistry at the University of Maryland in 1982. In 1985 and 1987, he completed his MS and PhD, respectively, in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Florida under the direction of Professor Richard A. Yost.

George Locko, Ph.D.
Arizona Chemical Company

George A. Locko attended the Savannah College of Art Design for three years and ultimately earned his B.S. degree in 1969 from East Carolina University. He earned an M.S. Degree in Chemistry from UF in 1971 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from UF in 1976 under the direction of John Zoltewicz.

George worked his entire career in pine-based chemicals and was promoted to Senior Scientist and then Group Leader early in his career, which began at Union Camp Corporation Technology Center, November 1976. UCC was later merged into International Paper Company (Arizona Chemical Co.). George was instrumental in integrating staff from Arizona and UCC, and in moving operations to Savannah, Georgia, where he eventually held the position of Senior Technology Manager for the 55 person lab. He voluntarily stepped down as Senior Technology Manager in 2011, and assumed role of Sr. Principal Scientist. During the last few years, George has headed up the "New Ideas Database" program, and was instrumental in working with Arizona attorneys in successfully defending patent applications, especially overseas filings. Technical areas of expertise include: Pine-based chemicals/renewable resources; Inks, Coatings, Cosmetics and Flavor and Fragrance chemistries, including "malodor-counteractant" technology (Bush Boake & Allen - now part of IFF); and Patent art. George is the inventor or co-inventor of 13 patents and published patent applications (7 granted US patents).

George has sincere interests in pushing renewable resource chemistries, especially integration of "cross-functional" chemical technologies to expand capabilities/business, and in building business-university ties for mutual benefit. A recent suggestion was to build awareness of Arizona Chemical renewable chemistries/capabilities at UF, and other southeastern universities. He personally developed and sponsored LSU Chem E - Arizona Chemical project in 2009 - 2011 and has visited other universities, mostly in the US.

Steven M. Scott, M.D.
Scott Holdings, LLC

Professional Experience

Steven M. Scott, M.D. serves as chairman of Scott Holdings, LLC, an entrepreneurial medical investment company. He is the founder of Vista HealthPlan, a nationwide HMO which was built from five troubled HMOs he purchased and consolidated into one branded plan. Dr. Scott worked closely with the Florida Department of Insurance during the acquisition and consolidation of Vista. He consolidated and improved the operations to make Vista profitable, and Vista, with revenues of $1.2 billion and 300,000 members, was sold in July 2007 to Coventry Health Care, Inc.

Dr. Scott also founded, and formerly served as chairman of, Phoenix Physicians. Phoenix Physicians, founded in 2003 provides emergency department physicians practice management for hospitals and municipalities throughout the country.

Dr. Scott also invests and funds various health care enterprises throughout Florida and the southeast.

Charitable and Civic Experience

Since the sale of Vista Healthplan, Dr. Scott has made a commitment to serve on Boards that further higher education development, particularly in graduate education and research.

In January 2007 Governor Crist appointed Dr. Scott to the Board of Trustees of the University of Florida (Gainesville). Dr. Scott was confirmed by the Florida Senate and continues to serve as a trustee.

In December 2008 Dr. Scott was honored for his participation in leadership in the state by Florida Blue Key, the University of Florida’s leadership honorary organization.

In July 2010 Dr. Scott was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Duke University Health Science Center.

Dr. Scott also serves on advisory boards at the Babcock School of business at Wake Forest University as well as the Women's Health Advisory Board at Duke University.

Dr. Scott continues to be committed to graduate education in the State of Florida and meeting the work force requirements for medical research firms and Bio Tech firms (like Scripts and Burnham research institutes) which relocate or expand to Florida.


Dr. Scott is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Between teaching, private practice and the development of niche health care enterprises, Dr. Scott has nearly 35 years of experience in medicine and medical administrative businesses.

He received his medical degree from Indiana University Medical Center and completed his residency training at the Duke University Medical Center. In 1978, Dr. Scott was appointed and continues to serve as the Assistant Consulting Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke. He was licensed originally in Indiana and currently is licensed in most states by reciprocity, including Florida and North Carolina. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the North Carolina Medical Society and the Florida Medical Society among others.

Married with five children, Dr. Scott lives in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Howard Sheridan, M.D.
Edison Bancshares

Dr. Sheridan is a 1965 gator chemistry grad and 1969 Tulane Med School grad. He practiced diagnostic and interventional radiology in Fort Myers, Florida where he served as president of the medical staff of Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center. He is co-founder and past Chairman of the Board of Radiation Therapy Services. RTSI is the largest provider of radiation therapy services in the U.S. He is co-founder of Edison National Bank and serves as Chairman of Edison Bancshares. He is an avid wildlife photographer and his photos have been published in National Geographic, Alaska Magazine, Island Scene Magazine, and Montana Magazine. His community service includes conservation work where he and his wife Brenda were named “Water Conservationists of the Year” by the Florida Wildlife Federation for their work on protecting the Caloosahatchee River and the manatee. He also co-founded 21st Century Care , a non-profit dedicated to provide cancer assistance to the needy, cancer education, and research.

Fred Thurston, D.M.D.
Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center
Central Dental Creations

Dr. Thurston grew up in Clearwater FL, and continued his education at the University of Florida, receiving his Bachelor of Chemistry Degree in 1976 and Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree in 1979 from the University of Florida. He started a private practice in downtown Auburndale, FL and Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center is proudly celebrating 31 years of Family and Cosmetic dentistry. He has been committed to Implant Dentistry since 1989. For the last 19 years Dr. Thurston has been very involved in Dental Laboratory Manufacturing. Central Dental Creations became incorporated in 2005 and is now a dental manufacturer. Dr. Thurston is committed to Dental education as well as the business communication and technology advances of Dentistry.

Dr. Thurston and his wife of 38 years have 3 children. They enjoy Gator football, Harley Davidson's and Motor homing.


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